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Schwab MoneyWise


A not-for-profit venture by Charles Schwab, this site provides free financial literacy to the general public. Customers and non-customers alike can research a plethora of money matters, from the basics of opening a checking account to estate planning and all the life phases in between. There are also calculators and other interactive tools.

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An entire site overhaul. Re-written content that is more Millennial-friendly, since they are now starting out on the path to monetary independence. A design that is more engaging, and navigation that makes it much easier to get to the exact pages visitors are interested in most.

And to start things off right, we added an interactive prompt on the home page, asking visitors to think deep about their ultimate goals, then leading them directly to the page they can get answers. Because money is money, but when it helps you get where you want in life, it becomes what dreams are made of.

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