Dell XPS 13 Launch

Task: Creative an exciting launch email for the Dell XPS laptop.

Insight: The most stand-out feature of the Dell XPS 3 laptop is the thin, almost nonexistent frame. It's what a customer would tell their friends about first—so it's what we lead with to announce the product launch.

General Sale Awareness

Task: Create a relatable general sale email that stands out in inboxes.

Insight: Saving money isn’t just a discount, it’s a means to what you’ll buy next.

Back to the Future Day

Task: Create a culturally-relevant email to announce a sale.

Insight: Our team discovered the email would go out on Back to the Future Day (yes, it’s actually a thing). So we made the timing count.

Free Service Awareness

Task: Inform customers that Microsoft Store offers free services like PC Tune-ups, Virus Removal and more.

Insight: When it comes to Microsoft tech, don't have to know what's wrong to get it fixed, thanks to the knowledgable experts at Microsoft Store.

Early Holiday Savings

Task: Create an early holiday sale email.

Insight: For some customers, saving money on Christmas shopping is a sport. Let’s give them a way to "win the holidays" even BEFORE Black Friday, empowering them to out-save the rest.

Top Ramen Student Discounts Email 

Task: Build awareness of the ongoing education discount Microsoft Store offers students.

Insight: Students have more important things to worry about when it comes to their money, like using it to eat.

Microsoft Store Facebook Campaign 

Free Virus Removal Service Email

Task: Build awareness of free virus removal service.

Insight: It's not the most fun topic, so let’s counteract that with a fun visual. This working GIF animated to show the ship blasting the bug.