Dell XPS 13 Launch

Task: Creative an exciting launch email for the Dell XPS laptop.

Insight: The most stand-out feature of the Dell XPS 3 laptop is the thin, almost nonexistent frame. It's what a customer would tell their friends about first—so it's what we told the customer about first.

General Sale Awareness

Task: Create a relatable general sale email that stands out in inboxes.

Insight: It's a human truth that sometimes when we see savings, we just see what we're going to spend that money on next.

Back to the Future Day

Task: Creative a culturally relevant email that would go out the day of the event.

Insight: There's more going on in peoples' lives than Microsoft Store, so let's relate to those big moments.

Free Services Awareness

Problem: Many customers don't realize that Microsoft Store offers free services like PC Tune-ups, Virus Removal and more.

Insight: You don't have to know what's wrong to get it fixed. The techs at Microsoft Store are so knowledgeable, they will do all the work for you.

Early Holiday Savings

Task: Create an early holiday sale email.

Insight: Saving money feels good and some even treat it like a sport. So giving those people the ability to "win the holidays" even before Black Friday happens makes them feel empowered.

Top Ramen Student Discounts Email 

Task: Build awareness of the ongoing Education Discount for Microsoft Store.

Solve: Give students the message in a way they'd truly relate to.

Microsoft Store Facebook Campaign 

We created unique, fun social graphics every month to support the success of social marketing. 

Free Virus Removal Service Email

It's not the most fun thing to think about, so we used a fun visual – an arcade game. We actually built out the GIF to have the ship blast the bug.